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Transcription James Acutt Magister H. Beringois: An investigation into ThULB Jena: Ms.G.B.f.18a (Bl. 123va-b)

Transcriber's notes

Note: This is a proofread, corrected version. Thanks to Dierk Hagedorn. But it is to remark, that the original writing is hard to decipher and gives a lot of room for interpretation. If you have any recommendations, corrections, or annotations that will improve the content on this page, please help me by commenting.

Remarks: the translation of “Zucken” to “Jerk/redraw” is not exactly matching. It is a small backward or forward movement with the blade. There is no perfect translation to that word. On one hand it means “withdrawing” the blade a bit, on the other hand it means to threaten with the weapon.

Transcription Rules

The transcription is created to make the text readable. So the abbreviations and errors are resolved and marked:

[ ] Square Brackets: resolved abbreviation. { } Curved Brackets: added missing or corrected words or letters

See the Glossary of translated terms for more information.