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The hereafter written new markverses had been made and written by Martin Siber, and it is a piece from various masters plays and is divided in six plays. And in the verses are the Ox and the Plow and Parting Strike, not {to understand} as in the first verses of the book, but in another interpretation.

Now begins the foreword and lore of the markverses, thereafter the six plays.

Who will earn honor
 In front of lords and masters
In fighting with the
 {By all} that is good and rightly,
Who follows my lore,
 Wins evermore,
The six plays well hold in regard,
 They are highly praised good,
In them well included is
 Many a good master’s trick[1]
From Hungary, Bohemia, Italy,
 From France, England, and Germany,
From Russia, Prussia, Greece,
 Holland, Provence, and Swabia.
In them you should step left
 Consider to seduce with it,
In thrusts strongly press,
 So it may work out for you.
If you see a window open,
 Look inside, leave it
And strike or thrust fast.
 So you may toughly fall {on him}.
In the working step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement.
If you want to begin this
 A strong {courage} you must have.
Proper prudence is also good,
 Of great rage you beware.
To such parrying bring him
 By this you may succeed.
In all your fighting be nimble,
 The common lore has an end.

The first play

Spring the weak to the right
 Wind through on engagement
That is how to do the Spring Strike
 To both sides two times
By winding engage his ricasso strongly
 The Fiddlestick jab, hit fast
In all your work step slantwise
 The Fiddlestick on the right jab too.

The other play

Crook into the strong
 Notice to wind through with it
Wind run over /
 Interweave point and pommel
Thrust him to the face
 With the crossbar’s work fights
The misleading pommel as you should remember
 On your head you make him weak.
In all work step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement.

The third play

Squint what comes from the roof,
 Cross through, step in not crook,
In it behold his case
 The Shoulder Strike do with,
Take it of nimbly

 Strike again him in the shield, strongly
Push away with Running over
 Overcome him in the strong of his blade.
In all your work step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement.

The fourth play

The Ox thrust through
 With two great steps
Wind and counter wind
 The Parting Strike do nimbly,
wind / the Hitting Strike directly
 In the belly and on the neck.
In all your work step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement etc.

The fifth play

Thrust through the Long Point
 Twitch counter the Murder Strike
The Blinding Strike let bounce
 So you may well want to step
Hang to counter very quick
 Step behind {him} again fast
On the head and in the belly
 So you make a fool of him
In all your work step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement.

The sixth play

From the roof traverse long
 With twisting save yourself
Cross through him {his action} very quick
 The Blinding Strike again fast
The Point Strike in his breast
 After all that your lost
In all your work step slantwise,
 Take part in the engagement.

End of the thing.

  1. know-how