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Complete and submit the following form to request a user account.

Due to the nature of a wiki, and the nature of the internet in general, we require that accounts be approved by an admin before users can edit anything.

In order to assess proper credit for any edits you make, your username must reflect your real name. While the standard is to use your full name, if you're concerned about privacy you may alternatively use your first initial and last name. For example, the Wiktenauer director's username is Michael Chidester, but he could have chosen to use "michael chidester", "mchidester", "M Chidester", and so on. If you are unwilling or unable to use any part of your name on the site, you are welcome to continue browsing anonymously.

The information that you provide in your bio will be used to populate your user page once your account is approved, so plan accordingly.

Once your account is approved, you will be emailed a notification message and the account will be usable at login.