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New York Historical Fencing Association

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New York Historical Fencing Association
Website http://www.newyorklongsword.net
Members 40-50
Founder Mike Edelson
Head instructors Mike Edelson, Tristán Zukowski
Instructors Tim Kaufman, Toby Hall, Steve Viani, Eric Lowe, Sarah Oakhill

The 'New York Historical Fencing Association', or NYHFA, is a Historical European Martial Arts school founded in 2005 with branches in Kingston, NY; New York City NY; Delhi, NY; and Charlotte, NC.


The New York Historical Fencing Association is a school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We teach the Kunst des Fechtens (arts of fighting) of medieval Germany as described in the various surviving manuscripts of the Liechtenauer tradition. Students learn how to fight with the medieval longsword, period grappling techniques and other weapons of the system.


NYHFA runs the annual Fechtschule New York event in Andes, New York. Previous events have featured Open Longsword, Paired Forms, and Cutting tournaments.


NYHFA is a member of the HEMA Alliance and the xKDF Network.