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reiected, but so redd, as by the right and perfect vnderstanding of the one, thy iudgement may som what be augmented in managing of the other: Knowing right well, that as the practise and vse of the first is commendable amongst them, so the second cannot so farre be condemned, but that the wearing thereof may well commend a man of valour and reputation amongst vs. The Sworde and Buckler fight was long while allowed in England (and yet practise in all sortes of weapons is praisworthie,) but now being layd downe, the sworde but with Seruing-men is not much regarded, and the Rapier fight generally allowed, as a wapon because most perilous, therefore most feared, and thereupon priuate quarrels and common frayes soonest shunned.

But this peece of work, gentle Reader, is so gallantly set out in euery point and parcell, the obscurest secrets of the handling of the weapon so clerely vnfolded, and the perfect demeaning of the bodie vpon all and sudden occasions so learnedly discoursed, as will glad the vnder stander thereof, & sound to the glory of all good Masters of Defence, because their Arte is herein so honoured, and their knowledge (which some men count infinite) in so singuler a science, drawen into such Grounds and Principles, as no wise man of an vnpartiall iudgement,