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vnderneath with the increase of the right foote. And farther, when the enimie shall perfourme, that is, first finde the sworde and beate it off, (seeing of necessitie if he would enter and hit home, his sword must passe by the circumference of the Target neere the hande) then, to withstande the entrie, it is requisite that hee driue the enimies sworde outwards on the right side with his Target and with the increase of the said pace, that he enter and strike him.

The hurt of the lowe warde, at Sword & round Target.

A Man may strike in this ward, the right foote being behinde, and before, & in both waies, he may beare his sworde either within or without. If therefore he finde himselfe to stande with the right foote behinde and without, he shall assaie at any hande, before he determine to strike, to finde the enimies sworde with his owne, and as soone as hee findes it shall clap to his Target, and strike perforce with a low thrust, encreasing with the right foote. But finding himselfe to stand within, no more with his sworde, then he doth with his Target, he shall proue whether he can finde the enimies sworde, and hauing found it, shall straine it fast betweene his owne sworde and Target, & then shall deliuer a thrust with the increase of a pace of the right foote, the which thrust of force speedeth: This being perfourmed, he shall settle himselfe in this, or in either of these waies in the lowe warde with the right foote before. And as he so standeth in this warde, he may after the same sorte strike either within or without.