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with a thrust, and then an edgeblow right or reuersed to be deliuered, or else to false a high thrust, and deliuer it beneath or else where. But yet if one would needes false an edgeblowe, let him do it with the false edge of the sword, then turning it in full circle, to deliuer home the edgeblowe, and in striking alwaies to encrease a pace. But when this false of the backe or false edge is practised, the armes being crossed, & that presentlie after the false, one would deliuer home a reuerse, then he must encrease a left pace, And when he findeth in himself any other warde, his hands not being crossed, then if he would step forwards to strike he must encrease a pace with the right foote. And if in any of theese wardes he would false a thrust, which is the best that may be vsed at the two hand sword, he must obserue the verie same notes and rules concerning encreasing of the pace. Further the thrust is falsed, and the edge-blowe deliuered home at the two hand sword for no other cause or consideration, then for that the saide edgeblowe is farre more forcible then the thrust: For the two hand sword is long, by meanes whereof, in the deliuerie of the edgeblow, it maketh a great circle. And moreouer, it is so weightie that verie litle and small strength, maketh & forceth the blow to goe with great violence. But for as much as the striking with the edge is verie daungerous cōsidering it spendeth much time, and especially in the great compassing of the two hand sworde, vnder which time warie & actiue persons may with sword or other wepon giue a thrust, Therefore for the avoiding of this dāger, he must before he determin with himself to strik with the edg, first driue on a thrust, rather