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I was born in 1987. I've studied medieval History at Hamburg and get the M.A. History. I'm doing swordfighting since 2002 and specialising for HEMA(Longsword)since 2007. Few months in 2008 I was Member of Ochs in Hamburg. After that I went to Hammaborg (2008-2011) Since 2007 I'm Trainer of "IN MOTU" Historical Fencing in Nordhausen in Thuringia. In my military career i made a license as Trainer of military close-combat.-

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  • Becker, Paul (2020). "Hans Talhoffer: Insights into the Life of a Fencing Master in the 15th Century." Alte Armature und Ringkunst: The Royal Danish Library Ms. Thott 290 2º: 47-68. Ed. by Michael Chidester. Somerville, MA: HEMA Bookshelf. ISBN 978-1-953683-04-5.