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Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme (Giacomo di Grassi)

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Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme
"His True Arte of Defence"
Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme.jpg
Title page of the first edition
Full title Di Grassi, His True Arte of Defence, plainlie teaching by infallable Demonstrations apt Figures and perfect Rules the manner and forme how a man without other Teacher or Master may safelie handle all sortes of Weapons as well offensive as defensive
Author(s) Giacomo di Grassi
Translator(s) Thomas Churchyard (1594)
Dedicated to Borrow, Lord Governor of the Breil
Place of origin
  • Venice, Italy (1570)
  • London, England (1594)
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publication date 1570
Pages 151
Treatise scans

Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme ("Discourse on Wielding Arms with Safety") is an Italian fencing manual written by Giacomo di Grassi and printed in 1570; it was also printed in England after di Grassi transplanted there. Di Grassi's art was probably designed for the side sword, but the English translator states that he felt it was more appropriate for the rapier.

Publication History

Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme was published in Venice, Italy in 1570 by Giordano Ziletti.

In 1594, an English edition was commissioned by Thomas Churchyard; it was translated by I. G. and printed in London by I. Iaggard under the title His True Arte of Defence.


i - iv Preface
1 - 15 Introduction
16 - 35 Single rapier
36 - 49 Rapier and dagger
49 - 59 Rapier and cloak
59 - 68 Rapier and buckler
68 - 75 Rapier and targe
75 - 84 Rapier and rotella
84 - 93 Double rapiers
93 - 99 Greatsword
99 - 110 Polearms (bill, partisan, halberd, and javelin)
110 - 118 Pike
119 - 144 The false art
144 - 151 Physical training


Title pages

Italian edition (1570)
Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme.jpg
English edition (1594)
His True Arte of Defence.jpg
Portrait (1570)
Di Grassi Portrait.jpg

Illustrations (1570)

Figure 1
Di Grassi 4.jpg
Figure 2
Di Grassi 5.jpg
Figure 3
Di Grassi 6.jpg
Figure 4
Di Grassi 7.jpg
Figure 5
Di Grassi 8.jpg
Figure 6
Di Grassi 9.jpg
Figure 7
Di Grassi 10.jpg
Figure 8
Di Grassi 11.jpg
Figure 9
Di Grassi 12.jpg
Figure 10
Di Grassi 13.jpg
Figure 11
Di Grassi 14.jpg
Figure 12
Di Grassi 15.jpg
Figure 13
Di Grassi 16.jpg
Figure 14
Di Grassi 17.jpg
Figure 15
Di Grassi 18.jpg
Figure 16
Di Grassi 19.jpg
Figure 17
Di Grassi 20.jpg
Figure 18
Di Grassi 21.jpg
Figure 19
Di Grassi 22.jpg
Figure 20
Di Grassi 23.jpg
Figure 21
Di Grassi 24.jpg

Illustrations (1594)

Figure 1
Di Grassi 4e.jpg
Figure 2
Di Grassi 5e.jpg
Figure 3
Di Grassi 6e.jpg
Figure 4
Di Grassi 7e.jpg
Figure 6
Di Grassi 9e.jpg
Figure 7
Di Grassi 10e.jpg
Figure 8
Di Grassi 11e.jpg
Figure 9
Di Grassi 12e.jpg
Figure 10
Di Grassi 13e.jpg
Figure 11
Di Grassi 14e.jpg
Figure 12
Di Grassi 15e.jpg
Figure 13
Di Grassi 16e.jpg
Figure 14
Di Grassi 17e.jpg
Figure 16
Di Grassi 19e.jpg
Figure 17
Di Grassi 20e.jpg
Figure 18
Di Grassi 21e.jpg
Figure 19
Di Grassi 22e.jpg
Figure 20
Di Grassi 23e.jpg
Figure 21
Di Grassi 24e.jpg

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Copyright and License Summary

For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

Work Author(s) Source License
Public Domain.png
Transcription (1570) Kelly Hatcher, Niccolò Menozzi Index:Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme (Giacomo di Grassi)
Transcription (1594) Early English Books Online Index:DiGrassi his true Arte of Defence (Giacomo di Grassi)