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system unit unit-
notes conversion factor/N combination output units
SI giganewton GN GN Allows triple output units. See: full list. 1,000,000,000
  • GN LT-f
  • GN LTf
  • GN ST-f
  • GN STf
meganewton MN MN Allows triple output units. See: full list. 1,000,000
  • MN LT-f
  • MN LTf
  • MN ST-f
  • MN STf
kilonewton kN kN Allows triple output units. See: full list. 1,000
  • kN LT-f
  • kN LTf
  • kN ST-f
  • kN STf
newton N N 1
  • N lb-f
  • N lbf
  • N oz-f
  • N ozf
millinewton mN mN 0.001
  • mN oz-f
  • mN ozf
  • mN gr-f
  • mN grf
micronewton μN (uN) µN 0.000001
  • μN gr-f
  • μN grf
nanonewton nN nN 0.000000001
  • nN gr-f
  • nN grf
cgs megadyne Mdyn Mdyn 10
kilodyne kdyn kdyn 0.01
dyne dyn
dyn 0.00001
millidyne mdyn mdyn 0.00000001
Metric gravitational units tonne-force t-f tf 9,806.65
tf tf
kilogram-force kg-f kgf 9.80665
kgf kgf
gram-force g-f gf 0.00980665
gf gf
milligram-force mg-f mgf 0.00000980665
mgf mgf
Avoirdupois-based units poundal pdl pdl 0.138254954376
long ton-force LT-f LTf 9,964.01641818352
  • LT-f ST-f
  • LTf STf
short ton-force ST-f STf 8,896.443230521
  • ST-f LT-f
  • STf LTf
pound-force lb-f lbf 4.4482216152605
lbf lbf
grain-force gr-f grf 0.0006354602307515
grf grf

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