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system unit unit-
notes conversion factor/m3 combinations
SI cubic metre m3 m3 US spelling: cubic meter
one kilolitre
cubic centimetre cm3 cm3 US spelling: cubic centimeter
one millilitre
cc cc
cubic millimetre mm3 mm3 US spelling: cubic millimeter
non-SI metric kilolitre kl kl US spelling: kiloliter
one cubic metre
kL kL
litre l l US spelling: liter
one cubic decimetre
Allows triple output units. See: full list.
  • l impgal
  • l USgal
  • l U.S.gal
  • l USdrygal
  • l U.S.drygal
  • L impgal
  • L impqt
  • L USgal
  • L U.S.gal
  • L USdrygal
  • L U.S.drygal
centilitre cl cl US spelling: centiliter
cL cL
millilitre ml ml US spelling: milliliter
one cubic centimetre
  • ml impoz
  • ml USoz
  • ml U.S.oz
mL mL
  • mL impoz
  • mL USoz
  • mL U.S.oz
US customary
cubic yard cuyd cu yd 0.764554857984
cubic foot cuft (cufoot) cu ft code "cufoot" will show "cubic foot" if plural.

code "cufoot" will show "foot" or "feet" depending on value.

cubic inch cuin cu in 0.000016387064
Imperial imperial barrel impbbl imp bbl 36 imp gal 0.16365924
imperial bushel impbsh imp bsh 8 imp gal 0.03636872
impbu imp bu
imperial gallon impgal imp gal 4.54609 litres by definition, also
4 imp qt or 8 imp pt or 160 imp fl oz
Allows triple output units. See: full list.
  • impgal l
  • impgal L
  • impgal USgal
  • impgal U.S.gal
  • impgal USdrygal
  • impgal U.S.drygal
imperial quart impqt imp qt 1/4 imp gal or 40 imp fl oz 0.0011365225
imperial pint imppt imp pt 1/8 imp gal or 20 imp fl oz 0.00056826125
imperial fluid ounce impoz (impfloz) imp fl oz 1/160 imp gal 0.0000284130625
  • impoz USoz
  • impoz U.S.oz
  • impoz ml
  • impoz mL
US customary
liquid measure
US barrel USbbl US bbl 31½ US gal
used for liquids except for oil and beer (see the full list)
U.S.bbl U.S. bbl
barrel oilbbl bbl 42 US gal 0.158987294928
US beer barrel USbeerbbl
US bbl 0.117347765304
U.S. bbl
US gallon USgal US gal 231 cubic inches by definition, also
4 US qt or 8 US pt or 128 US fl oz
Allows triple output units. See: full list.
  • USgal l
  • USgal L
  • USgal impgal
U.S.gal U.S. gal
  • USgal l
  • USgal L
  • USgal impgal
US quart USqt US qt 1/4 US gal or 32 US fl oz 0.000946352946
U.S.qt U.S. qt
US pint USpt US pt 1/8 US gal or 16 US fl oz 0.000473176473
U.S.pt U.S. pt
US fluid ounce USoz
US fl oz 1/128 US gal 0.0000295735295625
  • USoz ml
  • USoz mL
  • USoz impoz
U.S. fl oz
  • U.S.oz ml
  • U.S.oz mL
  • U.S.oz impoz
US customary
dry measure
US dry barrel USdrybbl US dry bbl 105/32 US bsh 0.11562819898508
U.S.drybbl U.S. dry bbl
US bushel USbsh US bsh 2150.42 cubic inches by definition 0.03523907016688
U.S.bsh U.S. bsh
US bushel USbu US bu 2150.42 cubic inches by definition 0.03523907016688
U.S.bu U.S. bu
US dry gallon USdrygal US dry gal 1/8 US bsh
Allows triple output units. See: full list.
  • USdrygal l
  • USdrygal L
  • USdrygal impgal
U.S.drygal U.S. dry gal
  • U.S.drygal l
  • U.S.drygal L
  • U.S.drygal impgal
US dry quart USdryqt US dry qt 1/32 US bsh 0.001101220942715
U.S.dryqt U.S. dry qt
US dry pint USdrypt US dry pt 1/32 US bsh 0.0005506104713575
U.S.drypt U.S. dry pt

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