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This template identifies a Wikipedia article as having content whose truth or factual nature is in dispute. If the problem is confined to one section, or a few sections in an article that has several, it is better to use {{Disputed-section}}.


First add a new section named "Disputed" to the article's talk page, describing the problems with the disputed statements. Then place {{Disputed}} at the top of the disputed article. If the talk page discussion is not in a section named "Disputed", use {{Disputed|talk page section name}} (for a talk page section named "Disputed information", use {{Disputed|Disputed information}} in the article). If there is no talk page, the tag won't refer to it (in which case it's recommended to consider whether the tag should be there, since there is no reason given). Articles using this template as shown above are placed into Category:Accuracy disputes.

This template can take an optional date parameter in the format {{Disputed|date=February 2023}} or {{Disputed|talk page section name|date=February 2023}}. If the date is not included it will be added later by a WP:BOT. Articles using this template with a date are added to a monthly subcategory of Category:Accuracy disputes.


{{Disputed|date=February 2023}}



Category:Accuracy disputes from February 2023


  1. {{Accuracy}}
  2. {{Dispute}}

See also

{{Wikipedia:Resolving Disputes/Templates}}

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