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This template builds an alternative form of common fractions. It takes one, two or three parameters: the optional integer (may be signed), the optional numerator and the required denominator; in this order. Please do not subst:itute it. This template should not be used in mathematical articles, per MOS:MATH#Fractions.

A BC (integer, numerator and denominator)
<span class="frac">A<sup>&nbsp;B</sup><sub>C</sub></span>
AB (numerator and denominator)
<span class="frac"><sup>A</sup><sub>B</sub></span>
1A (denominator only)
<span class="frac"><sup>1</sup><sub>A</sub></span>
(fraction slash only)
<span class="frac"></span>


12 13 23 14 34 15 25 35 45 16 56 17 27 37 47 57 67 18 38 58 78 116 316 516 716 916 1116 1316 1516
ms kmh kg·m 1s Mbits

Deactivation and customization

Users who prefer to see fractions inline, e.g. „1 2⁄3“ instead of „1 23“, can turn off the effects of this template by adding the following code to their user stylesheet:

.frac>sup /* numerator */,
.frac>sub /* denominator */
  vertical-align: inherit/* or baseline*/;
  font-size: inherit/* or 1em*/;
  line-height: inherit/* or 1*/;
  position: inherit/* or static*/;


  • &frasl; may be used to print out the fraction glyph " ⁄ "

See also

To allow numerical sorting of a column containing fractions, use {{sortfrac}} instead. It is a combination of this template and {{sort}}.

  • {{1/2}}, {{1/3}}, {{2/3}}, {{1/4}}, {{3/4}}
  • {{fraction}}, only uses precomposed glyphs
  • {{sfrac}}, displays common fractions using a vinculum which is preferable for mathematical articles.

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