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{{list fact}}

Lists should always include unambiguous statements of membership criteria based on definitions made by reputable sources, especially in difficult or contentious topics. Beware of those cases in which the definitions themselves are disputed. Many lists on Wikipedia have been created without any membership criteria, and editors are left to guess about what or whom should be included only from the name of the list. Even if it might "seem obvious" what qualifies for membership in a list, explicit is better than implicit.

Enter this tag in the body of an article, alongside the list member, as a request for other editors to find reputable sources for warranting the inclusion of this member in the list:

Do not use this tag in order to label text which appears doubtful or false, especially in the case of biographies of living people (see this section of WP:3RR as well).

For dealing with dubious information, please use {{verify source}}. See also Wikipedia:Citing sources#Text that is, or is likely to be, disputed.

Regarding unsourced or poorly sourced information:

  1. if it is likely true, but needs specificity, you may use {{specify}}
  2. if it is not doubtful, you may use {{fact}} or {{cite quote}} tag to ask for better citation in order to make the article complete.
  3. if it is doubtful but not too harmful to the whole article, you may use {{verify source}} tag to ask for source verification.
  4. If it is doubtful and (quite) highly harmful, you may move it to the talk page and ask for a source.
  5. If it is very doubtful and very harmful, you may remove it directly without the need of moving it to the talk page first.

To find all pages that use this template, see Category:Articles with unsourced statements. For articles which lack sources, please visit Category:Articles lacking sources.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

See also

  • Wikipedia:Citing sources
  • {{Disputed-list}}, to dispute (without specificity) multiple items in a list.
  • {{Clarifyme}}, requesting clarification of a hard-to-understand phrase.
  • {{Cite quote}}, tagging a request for citation, used for quotations that needs citations to make it complete, but not for seemingly doubtful or false texts.
  • {{Request quote}}, tagging a request for quoting inaccessible source, used for requesting a direct quote from the cited source for verification.
  • {{Verify source}}, tagging a request for source verification, used for information that is doubtful or appears false.
  • {{Verify credibility}}, tagging a request for source verification, used for information that is doubtful or appears false.
  • {{Citecheck}}, popping up a box saying an article or section may have inappropriate or misinterpreted citations.
  • {{Not verified}}, popping up a box saying an article or section has not been verified and may not be reliable.
  • {{Unreferenced}}, popping up a box saying an article or section has no citation or reference for its information.
  • {{or}}, to label a passage of text that may be based upon original research.
  • {{page number}}, to request a missing page number to an existing reference.
  • {{dubious}}