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This template is exactly the same as Template:main (view source) except that it also adds the calling page to a special category. (By calling Template:Maincat2)

If article A contains the text "{{Main5|B|C}}" then article A will be added to [[Category:articles that link to the article B using template:main]] and also to [[Category:articles that link to the article C using template:main]]

And of course, it will still display:

Main articles:B and C


{{Main5|Test|Random}} produces:

Main articles: Test and Random

and adds the categories

Categories: Articles that link to the article Test using template:main | Articles that link to the article Random using template:main


For an explanation of how this template is intended to be used see Template_talk:Main#Backlinks, Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)/Archive_57#Backlinks & Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)/Archive_53#backlinks. See also Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)#New_version_of_Template:Main.