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The template is used as a subtemplate by {{numcr2namecr}}. This template contains the list of 252 character names, by their decimal number. The call is like (example input 0xA0 added):

  • {{Numcr2namecr/listbydec|{{hex2dec|{{{1|0xA0}}}}}|{{{notfoundmsg|}}} }} -->

It is not intended or tested for direct use in an article.

When a named reference is not found, a blank is returned. This return value can be set by the user into relevant text by using notfoundmsg=.

Technical notes

The list takes the decimal value as input, so it can perform calculated comparisons to speed things up (see below).

The list of 252 numbers & names is spliced in two, so as to save some resources. The continuous block 160-255 (0xA0-0xFF) is in one block, the other more scattered numbers are in another block. The split is made by an expression, which is why decimal numbers are used since hexadecimal calculations are not available.

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