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<#not a Unicode code point#>

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Returns Unicode General Category (gc) Cc Cf Cn Cs Zl Zp Zs <blank> for special code points (like <control>, space characters, formatting characters etc). When regular gc like Letter, Symbol, Mark, Punctuation, etc it returns a blank.


This is a subtemplate, so parameters may has tight requirements. Input: (unnamed)

|1= <!--decimal value of the code point-->

The code point value is required as a decimal value, because we are using the #ifexpr: numerical calculations.

For five Arabic number markings U+0600..U+0603 and U+60DD, it returns Cf (visible). While Cf formatting characters usually have no glyph, these five have. By adding the "(visible)" text, these characters are shown (while regular Cf characters are hidden).

See also

See main template {{unichar}} for full documentation.