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  • If a date parameter is provided such as {{Wikify|date=February 2023}} then the page is put into a by-month category instead. If the date is left out, a bot will add it later.
  • A reason may optionally be provided with the reason parameter, for example {{Wikify|reason=REASON}}. It will appear when the show link is clicked.
  • Note that although this template is commonly used when a page has no wikilinks, it is not limited to just that. It could also refer to any form of wiki-markup, such as bolding/italicizing of text or formatting standard headings and layout, including the addition of infoboxes and other templates, i.e. "wikification".
  • As of September 2012 this template is deprecated (see discussion). More specific templates, such as {{Underlinked}}, should be used instead. See below.


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