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Axel Pettersson (born 1985) is a Swedish HEMA pracitioner, researcher and instructor. He started his HEMA career in 2002 when he joined the Swedish branch of ARMA (Association For Renaissance Martial Arts), training with the Falun study group under Hans Jörnlind and Nils-Erik Fahlvik.

In 2006 he moved to Gothenburg and joined GHFS (Gothenburg Historical Fencing School), becoming an instructor in the basic longsword class in 2007 and in the advanced class in 2009. Since then his main focus has been the German longsword, though he also trains in dussack, Swedish sabre and wrestling. In 2009 he was elected into HEMAC (Historical European Martial Arts Coalition). In 2012 he was appointed to work in the SvHEMAF (Swedish HEMA Federation) project groups for instructor and judges certification courses.

Axel is a sought after instructor and has to date taught seminars and workshops in over 10 different countries. His main research and teaching focus is on the longsword teachings of Sigmund Ringeck and Joachim Meyer, he also gives classes on dussack and on coaching and the role of the instructor in Historical Fencing. He is also involved in several international project groups and works actively to build networks and produce research, tournament rulesets and Historial Fencing gear (the last bit resulting in a fencing jacket being named after him).

Axel is also a succesfull tournament fencer, having placed in the following tournaments: Mora 2008: 1st place Dijon 2009: mixed weapons tournament 1st place Dijon 2009: team tournament 2nd place Houston 2010 dussack: 1st place Houston 2010 longsword: 1st place World Wide Open Longsword 2010: 1st place Swordfish longsword 2010: 1st place Houston dussack 2011: 2n place Houston longsword 2011: 3rd place Dijon traditional longsword 2011: 3rd place SKUNKS cutting tournament 2011: 2nd place Swordfish longsword 2011: 3rd place

Axel is the Tournament Manager for Swordfish, the worlds premiere HEMA tournament event, and has run the tournaments since 2008. Besides his teaching and fencing activities, Axel is also commited to building a posititive and porud culture and identity around Historical Fencing, one of his projects aimed at enhancing the visual profile of Historical Fencing is the picture blog: iamafencer.tumblr.com