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Bartosz Sieniawski Historical fencing and cold weapon accompanied me from an early age. As the son of swordsman, horseman, and lover of cold weapons I grew up surrounded by swords, sabers, rapiers and daggers, gradually getting to know their history, way of use, advantages and disadvantages. I began my adventure with fencing starting with foil lessons in the Central Military Sports Club "CWKS Legia" under the pre-war ideology and methodology continued by my father. When I was 16 years old, I started classes of curve saber fencing according to the old Polish custom of fencing with a stick. In the same time I attended to wrestling classes where I had the opportunity to improve my skills in two Warsaw clubs "WKS Gwardia" and "AZS AWF." The experience gained in fencing and wrestling have motivated me to explore other areas of study and research on the curve sabre fencing. Using this knowledge I work with my father on the reconstruction of the Polish cross-cutting art. According to the work in the field of historical fencing , I work in the film and theater and conduct seminars at home and abroad. In 2010, I graduated from fencing instructor course. I am also a member of the Union of Film and Television Stunt "Trilogy"