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For whom whose temper were to fence, And would take a sword in hand, To them, I gather up my nobility. If I recognize them correctly, Their fencing does not injure me. They can hew much spectacle, I execute the "Versetzen" upon them And strike in from the bind.

The "Fliegelhau" I prize, The "Feller" also with it, In addition to these, the "Pforten", the "Äussere Mynn" Are with the onset. The masters distinguish Me by these without delay. They find no passage to me This I say to them truthfully.

And if they have learned to fence In Frankfurt, all so beautiful From knights and squires And if they be a crown master So will I test them In right mastery. "Schwech", "Stark", commanding in the "Vor" Is often not known to them.

The "Zucken". I keenly assess And also feel with it. The forward leg is bent Fence the opponent from a straight body[1] And if you do that, driving correctly, This I say to you truthfully If you are careful to remain strong in the sword, You strike them without danger.

Tie up their assault Confound them as well. When I perceive in them "Schwech", "Stark" without great danger, I fence from right wrath The mastery flies from me And strikes them in the ears According to the "Zettel's" fencing craft.

Listen to what I advise to you, You noble fencer, well. Make the "Sprechfenster" to threaten them. Focus on the 4 guards: "Ochs", "Pflüg", to that add the "Alber", (Strike the "Zwerch" with the strong) And the "Tag". Let yours be among one of these, Remember your work with this.

Listen in as I expand this, You noble fencer, mine. The "Krumphau" strike therein To that, add The "Scheitler". And if you execute those correctly, This, I say to you truthfully: "They cannot remain without an opening" With "Indes", take the "Vor".

Hans Czynner

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Firstly, If one fences right, then shall I fence against them left The opening, if the opponent provides, shall always be targeted It shall also be targeted between the weapon and the head or the body of the opponent.

Item. To deliver from the positions, use the long-point With this you bring the opponent into your shield Thereafter work "Indes"

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First, the staff has 4 points: Two jabbing and two striking.

[Then] The stance with the exposure of half the body

First, carry out the break of "Langort" by using the triangle or pursuing.

[Then] Carry out the break of the short point by using the inverted drop over, inverted bind, or inverted sweep.

Thus, this combat on foot and horse has ended, to which our God sent his angels to bestow the great riches of God upon which this art has been conceived.

This have I, Hans Czynner updated and brought forth. In the princely city of Passau have I written it out many times. It happens to be the year 1538.

  1. This couplet is mentioned in Pauernfeindt's 12 rules