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Welcome to Wiktenauer!

We hope you will contribute much and well.

You will probably want to read the help pages.

Again, welcome and have fun! ~ Michael Chidester (Contact) 03:49, 18 May 2020 (UTC)

Hi there!

I see you've been working on the Bruchius article. Here are couple of tips, to avoid needing to go back and fix too much later:

  • If you'd like scans of the 1671 edition instead of the 1676 that you're using, I can provide them.
  • On transcriptions, you don't have to use <br> at the end of lines. Using a double-space will generate a new line without any tags.
  • To make the transclusion work correctly, you need to wrap <section begin="1"/> <section end="1"/>
  • We don't upload scans of individual pages since the PDF provides that; when you use the {{section}} template, assigning a label to the section generates a link to that page of the PDF. For example, {{section|Page:Bruchius Grondige beschryvinge van de edele ende ridderlijcke scherm- ofte wapen-konste.pdf/18|1|lbl=1}} will produce this:
Clicking the [1] will take you to the page scan with the transcription alongside. The only image files that need to be uploaded are the illustrations of the plays.
  • Rather than breaking up the article by pages, it's best to break it up by paragraphs. If you add to the end, as in {{section|Page:Bruchius Grondige beschryvinge van de edele ende ridderlijcke scherm- ofte wapen-konste.pdf/18|1|lbl=1|p=1}}, then you can connect a paragraph together across two pages. For exmple, {{section|Page:Bruchius Grondige beschryvinge van de edele ende ridderlijcke scherm- ofte wapen-konste.pdf/20|2|lbl=4|p=1}} {{section|Page:Bruchius Grondige beschryvinge van de edele ende ridderlijcke scherm- ofte wapen-konste.pdf/21|1|lbl=5|p=1}}

[4] Volght nu de uytlegginge van de Postuer.

Soo ghy u Lichaem oprecht, en in een rechte linie stelt, ende dat uwen Arm uytgereckt is, so is nootsakelijk te weten, hoe ghy u Lijff in een vast ende verseeckert goed Postuer stellen sult; soo wetet voor-eerst dat uwe voeten, hack tegen hack, in een rechte linie, ende omtrent 1 ½ Rhijnlandsehe Maet-voet van malkander sullen staen, buygende als dan uwe knien, doch alsoo, dat u Lichaem, rustende op u lincker been, soo dat de vooste rechter Voet onbeswaert is, ende lichtelijck avancéren kan, in ’t treden, ofte stooten, ende u slincker-hand om hoogh ter zijden; in dit Postuer zijt ghy gehouden te blijven soo langh ghy in Actie zijt, om u Parthije geen grooter avantagie te geven; doch werd door beweginge [5] ende wendinge des Hands, het Lichaem altemets verset. Siet de 5. Figuer op het Blad B.

  • It looks like you're planning to author both a modernization of the Dutch and a translation to English. In general, we don't host translations (or modernizations) in languages other than English directly on the pages. While we do plan to eventually set up Wiktenauer versions in other languages, but for now, I'd put the Dutch modernization on a subpage (like Johannes Georgius Bruchius/Dutch). Also, are you aware of Reinier van Noort's translation?
  • In terms of article organization, rather than making each chapter a main section, we generally make a section per weapon (using the {{master begin}} and {{master end}} templates) and then use the {{master subsection begin}} and {{master subsection end}} templates to set up each chapter. You can see what this looks like on the Joachim Meyer page.

Thanks for your work on this! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

~ Michael Chidester (Contact) 04:01, 10 January 2022 (UTC)

Hi Michael, it is an honour to talk to you!

Thank you for all the tips! I will go through them when i have the time. I would love the scans of the 1671 edition! I am aware of Reinier van Noort's transcription and other works, however, he has stopped hosting them on his website Bruchius.com and all the links were dead... Furthermore, Most of his translations are stuck behind paywalls or only in physical books. Which in my mind goes against the whole idea of Wiktenauer. My aim is to give a copyright free transcription and translation of Bruchius (and later other Dutch Masters) that are solely meant for Wiktenauer. To make sure I dont accidently infringe on his copyright I am intentionally avoiding his work.

Thank you for your help!