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7. First Master Remedy

Pisani-Dossi MS 06a-e.png

I am the First Master of the Dagger, full of guile,
And with my left hand I will wind the dagger around your arm,
And truth to tell I can make many other plays,
And my students will do them cunningly.

I am the first master and I am called Remedy, because I know how to remedy so well that you cannot harm me whereas I on the contrary can strike you and hurt you. And I cannot make a better play against you than to make your dagger go to the ground, by turning my hand to the left.

Cod.1324 32v-a.jpg
I make the cover of one hand,
I make your dagger go to the ground.
Cod.10799 241r.jpg

If you want to take someone’s dagger someone who wants to a full stab above you, so grab underneath his stab with your left arm close to his hand and break his dagger away at your left side.