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HEMA Brazil is the Brazilian federation of Historical European Martial Arts entities. It aggregates diverse collectives through two representatives for each, a captain and a second, which represent the interests of their group and region within the organization.

Currently HEMA Brasil has 12 affiliated groups spread throughout Brazil.

The federation currently holds three annual meetings, to note:

  • Anno Domini - Held in July in preparation for the National Tournament, held then.
  • National HEMA Tournament - To hold its first edition in 2016.
  • Brazilian HEMA Meeting - The main national meeting, held in December, to evaluate the year's events, rules, and other matters involving HEMA, plus a friendly encounter to cross swords.

Currently the Brazilian groups are dedicated to the tradition of Armizare - Fiore and Vadi, Kunst Des Fechtens - Liechtenauer, and Renaissance fencing, especially Italian rapier and studying Verdadera Destreza and Montante of Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo.

HEMA Brasil is a founding member of Espada, the Ibero-American Community for European Martial Arts.

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