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1440Man yt WolMS Harley 3542Man yt Wol (MS Harley 3542)
1450-1465Cotton MS Titus A ⅹⅹⅴCotton MS Titus A XXV
1500The Poem of the PelCotton MS Titus A ⅹⅹⅲKnyghthode and Bataile (Cotton MS Titus A XXIII)
1512Albrecht Dürers FechtbuchSloane MS No.5229Albrecht Dürers Fechtbuch (Sloane MS No.5229)
1535-1550Ledall RollAdditional MS 39564Ledall Roll (Additional MS 39564)
1599Paradoxes of DefenceAdditional MS 34192Paradoxes of Defence (Additional MS 34192)
1600Additional MS 23223Additional MS 23223
1605Bref Instructions vpõ My Pradoxes of DefenceSloane MS No.376Bref Instructions vpõ My Pradoxes of Defence (Sloane MS No.376)
1650-1700Three treatises on the art of fencingAdd MS 17533Three treatises on the art of fencing (Add MS 17533)
1676Mathematical Demonstration of the SordeMS Harley 5219Mathematical Demonstration of the Sorde (MS Harley 5219)
1676Truthe of the SwordeMS Harley 4206Truthe of the Sworde (MS Harley 4206)