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Duarte I de Portugal

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Duarte I de Portugal
Born 31 October 1391
Viseu, Portugal
Died 9 September 1438
Tomar, Portugal
Resting place Monastery of Batalha
Spouse(s) Eleonora d'Aragona
  • Infante John
  • Infanta Philippa
  • João I de Portugal (father)
  • Philippa of Lancaster (mother)
Occupation King of Portugal (1433-38)
Language Old Portuguese
Manuscript(s) MS Portugais 5 (1438)



In addition to his treatise on mounted combat, there is a brief passage in his Livro dos conselhos ("Book of Advice") called Regimento para aprender alguas cousas armas ("Regimen to Learn Certain Matters of Arms"). Though quite brief, it offers a few interesting points of guidance on training and is included here despite not appearing in his fencing manual/

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