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This template is placed in the header of a translation column to indicate to the user its stage of development and level of reliability. It also generates a link to this page so users can interpret the rating standards. The syntax is:

{{rating|level|custom label text (optional)}}

The custom label should be used to clarify when a translation is based on one particular text without consulting any of the others. So, for example,

Code Example
{{rating|A)}} Featured Translation A-class.png
{{rating|B|Complete Translation (from the Rome)}} Complete Translation (from the Rome) B-class.png

Rating standards

The following rating standards are used by the Wiktenauer administrators to classify translations. If you disagree with the rating of a particular translation after reviewing these standards, please post your rationale on the article's talk page and it will be reviewed and discussed. These ratings do not reflect on the skills of the translator, merely the current state of the translation—even the most talented translator will tend to produce first drafts at the C level.

Featured translations [A] A-class.png
An exemplary work which has passed through several rounds of revision and peer review, contains no known errors in translation or grammar (differences in interpretation which some may label "errors" are not considered for this), and which translates all terminology (or justifies any words left untranslated). If multiple versions of a text exist, a Featured translation acknowledges the differences between texts in the footnotes, though the precise methodology for choosing or constructing a primary version of the text to translate is left to the individual author. Featured translations are entirely reliable as well as being excellent references for future translations of related works, and would even be suitable for publishing in unaltered form.
Complete translations [B] B-class.png
A complete and coherent draft which has been proofread and reviewed, but which might still have a few translation or grammatical errors and may leave difficult words untranslated. A Complete translation may only be based on a single version of the text even if others exist. Complete translations are consistent, reliable, and easy to read, and represent the standard which we would like all translations on Wiktenauer to meet over the long term.
Draft translations [C] C-class.png
A rough draft which may contain grammatical errors and/or words left untranslated pending further research. Draft translations are generally usable and reliable but may contain inaccuracies (though none significant enough to mislead readers), and will require additional revision to meet B-class standards. Draft is the default grade for submitted translations, which are then promoted or downgraded after review and feedback.
Note that if a translator is working though a text section by section, it will generally remain at Draft status and not be reviewed for promotion until the entire work is completed.
Flawed translations [D] D-class.png
A very rough work containing a significant number of inaccurate translations and/or grammatical errors. Flawed translations are demoted from Draft status if they are shown to contain errors which make them unreliable (and occasionally even misleading) to readers. Flawed translations are retained when they are the best work available (following the principle that anything is better than nothing), but they should be replaced or revised as soon as possible to meet Draft standards.
Start-class translations [Start] Start-class.png
An incomplete or fragmentary work which does not cover the entirety of any version of the text. Translations which omit a handful of paragraphs (perhaps those only found in some versions of the text) are not Start-class, but should instead be assigned a rating and added to category:Minor Translation‎ for future completion.
No translation [None] Empty-class.png
Any treatise which does not yet have a translation present. This class is automatically assigned when the template is placed on a page with no class variable.

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