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saide pace, and returne his hand againe to the crosse, setling himselfe either in the high or lowe warde. But if he would deliuer a down-right blow with the edge which I counsell him not to doe, because he may easily be stroken vnder it, he shall first discharge a thrust with both his handes, and then encreasing a pace, shal turne the saide downright blowe, stretching out the arme as much as he maie. In the deliuerie of which blowe, if he meete with the enimies sworde, he shall take awaie his hand from the crosse, & stretch out the pommel hand as much as he may, with the encrease of a pace. And farther, turning the said hand which holdeth the sworde vpwardes, to the end, to lengthen the thrust, he shall driue, and force it on, and presently retire himselfe in manner aforesaid.