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vp on the which the enimie of himselfe shal runne & inuest himselfe. And it is to be considered, that in these thrustes, he that defendeth hath great aduanrage: For the enimie cometh resolutely to strike, not thinking that it may in any other sort be warded then by giuing backe, But he that wardeth by encreasing, defending & drawing neere vnto the enimie, is so placed, that he may easily hurt him.

Of the Sworde & Target, called the Square Target.

IT is most manifest, that the Target is a most auncient weapon, found out only for the vse of warfare, & not for frayes & peculiar quarels betweene man & man: albeit, since the finding therof, there haue beene deuised by the industrie of man a thousand waies to serue them at their neede: From whence it hath come to passe, (because it seemed conuenient vnto the professors of this Art) that this weapon was verie comodious & profitable, aswel for his fashion, as for that it is a meane or middle wepon, between the buckler & the round Target: That they haue framed a speciall kinde of plaie therwith, although it differeth from the other two weapons in no other thing then in the fashion. Therefore, diuers professors of this Arte, being moued, some by reason of the forme, some by the bignes, & some by the heauinesse thereof, haue accustomed to beare it after diuers wayes. Those who make most account of the heauines, would for some consideration, that the right & proper bearing thereof, was to hold it leaning on the thigh, not mouing therehence, but being greatly constrained thereunto.