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Deutliche Erklårung der Fechtkunst (Jean Daniel L'Ange)

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Deutliche Erklårung der Fechtkunst
Clear Explanation of the Art of Fencing
L'Ange cover page.png
Title page of the 1664 edition
Full Title A Clear and Thorough
Explanation of the Noble,
Chivalric, and Free Art
of Fencing
Author(s) Jean Daniel L'Ange
Illustrated by Unknown
Place of Origin Heidelberg, Germany
Language Early New High German
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Adrian Weingarten
Publication Date 1664, 1708
Pages 157 pages
Page scans

Deutliche und grůndliche Erklårung der Adelichen und Ritterlichen freyen Fecht-Kunst ("A Clear and Thorough Explanation of the Noble, Chivalric, and Free Art of Fencing") is a German fencing manual written by Jean Daniel L'Ange and initially printed in 1664. It treats the use of the single rapier and seems to fall into the tradition of Salvator Fabris.

Publication History

Deutliche Erklårung der Fechtkunst was first printed in Heidelberg, Germany in 1664 by Adrian Weingarten. The master's son, Charles L'Ange, seems to have renewed printing in 1708 in Düsseldorf, Germay.

In 2014 it was translated into English by Reinier van Noort and published by Fallen Rook Publishing under the title Lessons on the Thrust.


1 - 12 Preface by Jean Daniel L'Ange
13 - 139 Rapier by Jean Daniel L'Ange


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Transcription Reinier van Noort Index:Deutliche Erklårung der Fechtkunst (Jean Daniel L'Ange)