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Hugh Knight

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Copy from Gladiatoria:

Hugh T. Knight, Jr., has been studying the art of medieval combat for more than ten years. In 2003 he founded die Schlachtschule: The School of Battle, a school dedicated to the study and practice of medieval martial arts.

Prior to studying medieval martial arts Hugh spent many years studying traditional Japanese martial arts, earning a certificate in Japanese swordsmanship and Jujutsu and a black belt in Karate.

Hugh has been an avid student of medieval life and practitioner of medieval reenactment/living history for more than twenty years with an emphasis on accurately recreating medieval armored combat. In addition to his martial pursuits he also courses greyhounds and is a licensed falconer.

To learn more about die Schlachtschule: The School of Battle, visit http://www.schlachtschule.org/.

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