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Index:Fior di Battaglia (MS Ludwig XV 13)

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Title Fior di Battaglia
Author Fiore de'i Liberi
Editor Unknown
Year 1400
Publisher   Unknown
Address J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California
Source jpg
Progress  To be validated
Volumes 1
1r - 2r Preface
6r - 8r Grappling
8v Baton
9r - 18v, 38rv Dagger
19r - 20r Sword vs. dagger
20r - 21v Sword in one hand
22r - 32r Sword in two hands
32v - 35r Sword in armor
35v - 37v Axe in armor
39r - 40r Spear
41r - 45v, 46v Mounted fencing
46r Spear vs. cavalry
46v - 47r Closing