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Ms. KK5013 01r.jpg

Title Gladiatoria
Author Unknown
Editor Unknown
Year 1530
Publisher   Unknown
Address Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
Source jpg
Progress  Done
Volumes 1

This provisional structure is based on observing the stitching in the scans. The grey lines indicate visible stitching, whereas the red lines indicate places where stitching ought to fall but is hidden by curves in the paper. It seems likely that there are many missing leaves in the current manuscript, assuming it began with complete quires, but they have largely been left off this chart for lack of information (except for the one between 43 and 44, whose tip is clearly visible).

1r - 6r Spear in armor from Gladiatoria
6v - 31r Sword in armor from Gladiatoria
31v - 49v Dagger in armor from Gladiatoria
53r - 56v Wrestling in armor from Gladiatoria
57r Rear matter