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Index:Glasgow Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.341)

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Title Glasgow Fechtbuch
Author Hans Döbringer, Martin Huntfeltz, Johannes Liechtenauer, Andre Lignitzer, Jobs von der Nissen, Ott Jud, Nicklass Preußen, Sigmund Ain ringeck, Martin Syber
Editor Unknown
Year 1508
Publisher   Unknown
Address Glasgow Museums, Glasgow, Scotland
Source jpg
Progress  Ready for Match & Split
Volumes 1
Folio Section
1r - 22r Gloss of Liechtenauer's Bloßfechten by Sigmund Ain ringeck (fragment)
22v - 24r Additional longsword material by Sigmund Ain ringeck
24v - 25r Longsword by Martin Syber
25v - 26v Anonymous Messer devices
27r - 29v Additional longsword material by Andres Juden, Jobs von der Nyssen, Nicklass Prewsñ, and Hans Döbringer
35r Image of a seated master, probably either Johannes Liechtenauer or Sigmund Ain ringeck
35v - 56r Grappling teachings from the Augsburg group
64r - 66r Grappling by Andre Lignitzer
67r - 73v Grappling by Ott Jud
74r - 82r Anonymous gloss of Liechtenauer's Roßfechten
83r - 95v Anonymous gloss of Liechtenauer's Kampffechten
95v - 97v Dagger by Martin Huntfeltz
97v - 100r Anonymous dagger devices
100v - 104v Armored fencing by Martin Huntfeltz
105r - 105v Sword and Buckler by Andre Lignitzer