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Index talk:Hans Medel Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.5)

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Work Author(s) Source License
Images Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg
Public Domain.png
Transcription (1r-20r) Olivier Dupuis Gesellschaft für Pragmatische Schriftlichkeit
Transcription (21r-42v) Andreas Engström Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola
Transcription (43r-49r) Michael Chidester Wiktenauer

Transcription notes (1r-20r)

(See PDF)

Transcription notes (21r-42v)

This is a transcription of pages 20V-42V, sometimes referred to as ”Sigmund Schining” but perhaps more accurately ”Hans Niedels Fechtbuch”. Transcription version 1.0 (11 march 2009) by Andreas Engström, member of the Gothenburg Historical Fencing School (GHFS), and of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (HEMAC). This document is available for download at www.ghfs.se.

The images in this document are of very low detail, just enough for you to be able to see what they depict, for copyright reasons. A high-resolution scan of the original (where you can see the actually very nice illustrations in full detail and color) is available from the Univeristy of Augsburg, at http://media.bibliothek.uni-augsburg.de:8081/node?id=47755

Comments on the transcription

I have consistently changed initial ”v” into ”u” where this makes sense.
I have tried to resolve abbreviations of word-endings, but I’m bound to have made some mistakes where an ”-en” really should be an ”-em” or vice versa. Comments on this are appreciated.
I have resolved word-breaks between lines.
In a few places I’ve added a (sic) where an obvious error has been made by the scribe.