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New Kůnstliches Fechtbuch (Jakob Sutor von Baden)

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New Kůnstliches Fechtbuch
New Illustrated Fencing Manual
Sutor cover page.jpg
Title page of the 1612 edition
Author(s) Jakob Sutor von Baden
Illustrated by Unknown
Language Early New High German
Sources Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst
des Fechtens
Publication date 1612, 1849
Pages 110 pages
Treatise scans

New Kůnstliches Fechtbuch ("New Illustrated Fencing Manual") is a German fencing manual written by Jakob Sutor von Baden and printed in 1612. This treatise appears to be a condensed, restructured version of the sword, dussack, side sword, and staff teachings from Joachim Meÿer's 1570 treatise Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens, with the side sword material further expanded based on Michael Hundt's 1611 treatise Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier.

Publication History

Sutor's New Kůnstliches Fechtbuch was printed in Frankfurt am Main by Wilhelm Hoffman in 1612, using woodblock illustrations by an unknown artist. No additional printings are known until Johann Scheible's 1849 publication in Stuttgart, Germany.

There are a few bibliographical references to an earlier edition, possibly printed in Sutor's home of Baden, Germany and illustrated with copper-plates by Jacob de Gheyn II,[citation needed] but no copies of this edition are currently known. Given the extensive use of Hundt's rapier teachings, it could not have been printed before 1611 (unless there is also a missing earlier edition of Hundt's treatise).


Ir - IVv Preface by Wilhelm Hoffman
1 - 19 Sword by Jakob Sutor von Baden
21 - 36 Dussack by Jakob Sutor von Baden
37 - 89 Rapier and other weapons by Jakob Sutor von Baden
91 - 107 Staff by Jakob Sutor von Baden
77, 108 Flail by Jakob Sutor von Baden


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Page 1
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Page 2
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Page 3
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Page 4
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Page 5
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Page 6
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Page 7
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Page 9
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Page 10
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Page 11
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Page 12
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Page 13
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Page 14
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Page 15
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Page 16
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Page 22
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Page 25
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Page 27
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Page 30
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Page 32
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Page 33
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Page 33
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Page 45
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Page 46
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Page 47
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Page 48
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Page 49
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Page 50
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Page 51
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Page 52
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Page 53
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Page 54
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Page 55
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Page 56
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Page 57
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Page 58
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Page 59
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Page 60
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Page 61
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Page 62
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Page 63
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Page 64
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Page 65
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Page 66
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Page 67
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Page 68
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Page 69
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Page 70
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Page 71
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Page 72
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Page 73
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Page 74
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Page 75
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Page 76
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Page 77
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Page 78
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Page 79
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Page 80
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Page 81
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Page 82
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Page 83
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Page 84
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Page 89
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Page 90
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Page 91
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Page 92
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Page 93
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Page 94
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Page 95
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Page 96
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Page 97
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Page 98
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Page 99
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Page 100
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Page 101
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Page 102
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Page 103
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Page 104
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Page 105
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Page 106
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Page 107
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Page 108
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Work Author(s) Source License
Images Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
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Transcription Marlon Boettger, Stefan Dieke Die Freifechter Gesellschaft für Historische Fechtkunst e.V.