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The Sortes of VVeapons handled in this Treatise.

THe single Rapier, Or single Sworde.
The rapier and dagger &c.
The rapier and Cloak &c.
The sword and Buckler.
The Sword and square target.
The sworde and round target.
The Case of Rapiers.
The two hand Sword.

The weapons of the Staffe, As
The Bil, Partesan, Holberd and Iauelin.

Falsing of Blowes and Thrusts.

At single rapier &c.
At rapier and dagger &c.
At Cloak and rapier.
At sword & buckler, square target and round target.
At the two rapiers
At the two hand sword
At the Bill, Partesan, Iauelin, and Holberd.
At the Pike.