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The true Art of Defence exactlie teachinge the manner how to handle weapons safelie, aswel offensiue as defensiue, With a Treatise of Disceit or Falsing, And with a mean or waie how a man may practise of himselfe to gett Strength, Iudgement, and Actiuitie.

THere is no doubt but that the Honorable exercise of the Weapon is made right perfect by meanes of two thinges, to witt: Iudgment and Force: Because by the one, we know the manner and time to handle the wepon (how, or whatsoeuer occasion serueth:) And by the other we haue power to execute therewith, in due time with aduauntage.

And because, the knowledge of the manner and Time to strike and defende, dooth of it selfe teach vs the skil how to reason and dispute thereof onely, and the end and scope of this Art consisteth not in reasoning, but in dooinge: Therefore to him that is desierous to proue so cunning in this Art, as is needfull, It is requisite not onelie that he be able to iudge, but also that he be stronge and actiue to put in execution all that which his iudgement comprehendeth and seeth. And this may not bee done without strength and actiuitie of bodie: The which if happelie it bee