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straight lyne, if he would as aforesaid forciblie beat off the other Iauelyn. Therefore at what time soeuer a man seeth the enimies Iauelyn wide of the straight lyne, then, and in the same time (in the which it commeth purposing to beat off) he must nimblie deliuer a thrust. And in like maner, finding himselfe, either within, either without, and the enimies Iauelyn something wide of the straight lyne, then before it come into the said lyne againe, he shall with the increase of a pace deliuer a thrust, at the length of the hinder arme, and then retyring his said pace, settle himselfe at his ward againe.

Of the Partisan.

IF a any would handle the Partisan in single combat, they shall not strike with the edge, because the time is too long, and they may easilie be stroken vnder the same. Therefore practizing the thrust, they shall vse the selfe same offence and defence, which I haue shewed in the Iauelyn, to the which I referre them.

Of the Pike

AS among all other weapons, which are worn by the side, the single sword is the most honorable, as beeing such a one which is left capable of deceit of any other: So among the weapons of the Staffe, the Pike is the most plaine, most honorable, and most noble weapon of all the rest.