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Therefore among renowned knightes and great Lords this weapon is highly esteemed, because it is as well voide of deceite, as also, for that in well handling thereof, there is required great strength of bodie, accompanied with great valure and deepe iudgement: for there is required in the vse thereof a most subtill & delicate knowledge and consideration of times, and motions, and a readie resolution to strike. These qualities may not happen or be resident in any persons, but in such as are strong of armes and couragious of stomacke. Neither may they procure to get any other aduantage in the handling thereof, then to be more quick and resolute both in iudgement and hande than their enimie is. Therefore seeing euery man may hereby knowe what is necessarie for him so to handle it, as he may obtaine victorie thereby: let him resolue himselfe either to giue it ouer quite, or els to handle it as he ought, and is required.

The manner how to handle the Pyke.

THis renowmed weapon hath beene of diuers diuersly handled, in single combat: (for the manner of vsing it in the warres, maketh not at this present for my purpose.) Therefore it shall not be amisse, if (speaking of the manner of his vse in these our daies) I declare also mine opinion concerning the same. There haue beene some (who greatly regarding ease & little paine) would haue the Pike to be borne in the midle. Other some, more strong of arme, but weaker of hart, (to the end they might be the farther off, from hurte) accustomed to beare it at the beginning neere the