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then by framing of two wardes, in one of which, he shal strike the bodie from the middle vpwards, & this I will terme the low warde: the other shall strike the bodie from the middle downwards, & shalbe called the high ward. Neither shal they be so termed for any other cause, then for that it is verie necessarie for him that striketh, first to beat off the enimies Pike, & then to deliuer his owne. But yet it should breed great inconuenience, & there would be two much time spent if finding it good & comodious to strike in the lowe warde, he would first beat off the enimies weapon, & then shift from the lowe to the high warde. For that cause I will frame the high warde, which shal bee, when one beareth his armes high, & the point of the Pike low. And the low warde is, when the armes are low, & the point of the Pike high. There is another warde which would be framed as a meane betweene these two, & that is, when the Pike is borne directly towards the enimie. And it falleth out that it is most sure & long, when it is opposed against any of the other two aforesaid, because then a man is in case both to beat off the weapon & to enter therewithall with great aduantage. But putting the case, the enimie do likewise directly oppose himselfe against this warde, then the Pikes may not beat off one another, but both parties are like to be inuested & runne through at one instant, without any defence or warding thereof.

So that this straight ward may not be vsed except it be against one of the two aforsaid. And when the enimie standeth in any of the said two, then a man must resolutly bring his weapon into the said straight ward, for as he getteth therby the greater aduātage both of length & time, so he may very easily beat off the enimies Pike.