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THE Second Part intreatinge of Deceites and Falsinges of Blowes and Thrustes.

BEinge come to the end of the true Arte, and hauing declared all that which seemed conuenient and profitable for the attaynement of true iudgement in the handling of the weapon & of the entire knowledg of al aduātages, by the which as well al disaduantages are knowen: It shall be good that I intreat of Deceite or Falsing, aswel to performe my promise, as also to satisfie those who are greatly delighted to skirmish, not with pretence to hurt or ouer come but rather for their exercise & pastime:

In which it is a braue and gallant thing and worthy of commendations to be skilfull in the apte managing of the bodie, feete and hands, in mouing nimblie sometimes with the hand, some-times with the elbow, and sometimes with the shoulder, in retiring, in increasing, in lifting the bodie high, in bearing it low in one instant: in breif, deliuering swiftlie blows aswell of the edge as of the point, both right and reuersed, nothing regarding either time, aduantage or measure, bestowing them at randone euerie waie.

But diuers men being blinded in their owne conceites, do in these actions certainly beleeue that they are either more nimble, either more warie & discreet