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tions and reasons, which shal be here giuen him, he may easely without other master or teacher, become both stronge, actiue and skilful.

The meanes how to obtain Iudgement.

ALthough I haue verye much in a manner in all quarters of Italie, seene most excellent professors of this Art, to teach in their Schols, and practise priuately in the Listes to traine vp their Schollers. Yet I doo not remember that euer I saw anie man so throughly indewed with this first part, to wit, Iudgement, as is in that behalfe required.

And it may bee that they keep it in secreat of purpose: for amongst diuers disorderlie blowes, you might haue seen some of them most gallantlie bestowed, not without euident coniecture of deepe iudgment. But howsoeuer it bee seeinge I purpose to further this Art, in what I may, I wil speak of this first part as aptly to the purpose, as I can.

It is therefore to be considered, that man by so much the more waxeth fearefull or boulde, by how much the more he knoweth how t'auoid