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striking with the point. If therefore the arm wold strik directly at the point D. it is necessary that as much as it lifteth the hādle vpwards, the hādwrist do moue it self circulerlie downward, making this circle AC & cariyng with it the point of the sword downewardes, of force it striketh at the point D. And this would not so come to passe, if with the only motion of tharme, a man should thrust forth thesword, considering the arme moueth onelie aboue the center E.

Therefore seing by this discourse it is manifest that the blow of the point, or a thrust, can not bee deliuered by one simple motion directly made, but by two circuler motions, the one of the Arme the other of the hand, I wil hence foreward in all this work tearme this blow the blow of the streit Line. Which considering the reasons before alleaged, shall breed no inconuenience at all.