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Schwabenspiegel Codex (Cgm 558)

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Schwabenspiegel Codex
Cgm 558, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Munich, Germany
CGM 558 Iv1r.jpg
ff Iv - 1r
Date ca. 1462/1493
Place of origin Toggenburg, Switzerland (?)
Language(s) Early New High German
Compiler Unknown
Material Paper, in a leather binding
Size 160 folia (200 mm × 270 mm)
Format Double-sided, with red and black ink
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans Microfilm scans

The Cgm 558 (sometimes called Hugo Wittenwiller's Fechtbuch) is a 16th century German manuscript compiled in the 1530s.[1] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, Germany. The first hundred folia, dating to ca. 1462,[2] consist of two treatises scribed by a certain Otmar Gossau, the Schwabenspiegel legal code and Landfried König Rudolf. The second section was written by two different scribes; the treatises at the front and back are anonymous, but the segment in the middle was scribed by Hugo Wittenwiler, possibly in ca. 1493,[3] and includes short treatises on fencing with a variety of weapons, grappling, and hunting.



1r - 94v Schwabenspiegel
94v - 100r Landfried König Rudolf (1287 AD)
101r - 109v Chronik von Zürich
109v - 113r Chronistische Notizen zur Schweizergeschichte (1385-1446 AD)
113r - 124r Kleine Toggenburger Chronik
125r - 130r Long sword by Hugo Wittenwiller
130r Staff weapons by Hugo Wittenwiller
130v - 131r Mounted fencing by Hugo Wittenwiller
131r - 133v Dagger by Hugo Wittenwiller
133v - 136r Grappling by Hugo Wittenwiller
136r - 141r Teachings on Hunting the Stag by Hugo Wittenwiller
141r - 150r Falconry manual by Hugo Wittenwiller (incomplete)
151r - 153r Planetenverse
153r - 160r Monatsregimen, mit verworfen Tagen


Additional Resources

The following is a list of publications containing scans, transcriptions, and translations relevant to this article, as well as published peer-reviewed research.

  • Hull, Jeffrey (2008). "The Fight Book of Hugues Wittenwiller." Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts: 211-222. Ed. by John Clements. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press. ISBN 978-1-58160-668-3.


  1. Dieter Bachmann makes the following comment: "The convolute apparently dates to 1530, so by giving the range 1446–1530 we are on the safe side. Jaquet (2010) gives 1462–1530, the 1462 date presumably taken from the Otmar Gossau manuscript, which however does not necessarily have anything to do with Wittenwiler. But all the content of the convolute clearly predates 1530 by several decades, so that giving a range of 1450–1500 we are still rather safe, with the earlier half of this 50-year range being more likely than the latter."
  2. According to folio 1r.
  3. The most likely reading of the garbled date given on folio 140v.

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