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Talk:Kölner Fechtregeln (MS Best.7020 (W*)150)

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Work Author(s) Source License
Images Historisches Archiv Historisches Archiv
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Translation Christian Trosclair Wiktenauer
Transcription Dieter Bachmann Index:Kölner Fechtregeln (MS Best.7020 (W*)150)
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Notes on the Transcription

Dieter Bachmann's transcription is based on the transcription by "GL (Corona)" published online by the Trnava Fencing Guild, Slovakia, and cross-checked against Bauer, 2009.

Notes on the Translation

Text to copy over

footnote 3 link broken

footnote 3 link broken

Footnote 27 missing citation

Footnote 27 missing citation (1.4r)