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Work Author(s) Source License
Illustrations (1601) Unknown artist Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Public Domain.png
Illustrations (1606) Nicolaus Andrea of Flensburg, Jan van Halbeeck, Francesco Valesio Guy Windsor
Public Domain.png
Translation A. F. Johnson, Michael Chidester Gumroad
Prototype Transcription (1601)
Archetype Transcription (1606) Michael Chidester Index:Scienza d’Arme (Salvator Fabris) 1606
La Scientia della Spada (1600-09) Reinier van Noort School voor Historische Schermkunsten
French Translation (1619) Index:Escrime Novvelle ou Theatre (Salvator Fabris) Book 2
German Translation (1677) Alex Kiermayer Index:Sienza e pratica d’arme (Johann Joachim Hynitzsch)

Additional Transcription Note (MS KB.73.J.38): Copyright 2010 by Reinier van Noort. Subject to Fair Use. Users may, without further permission, display, save, and print this work for personal, non commercial use, provided that the copyright notice is not severed from the work. Libraries may store this material and non-commercially redistribute it to their patrons in electronic or printed form for personal, non-commercial use, provided that the copyright notice is not severed from the work.

Translation notes

The translation was originally prepared by A. F. Johnson in the early 20th century;[1] it currently exists in a handful of typescripts, including one owned by the Howard de Walden Library (on permanent loan to the Wallace Collection). This typescript was photographed by Guy Windsor and then transcribed by Michael Chidester. Due to the library's terms of use, the photographs cannot be released directly.

Transcription rules

There are generally two ways of indicating emphasis on a typewriter: underlining and ALL-CAPS. To conform with web conventions, underlined passages have been changed to italics and ALL-CAPS have been changed to bold. I have made no effort to capture the whited-out deletions, and where the text has been corrected in the typescript, I have only included the corrected version. The exception to this is insertions above the line, which are rendered in superscript. When misspellings and punctuation errors are identified in the text, they are indicated by a [!] mark. Otherwise, this is a precise reproduction of the state of the typescript.

A future version of this article may include a revision of the translation that corrects these errors as well as some of Johnson's quirks (such as rendering certain Italian words in French rather than English).

License terms

In order to guarantee that this translation remains free for all to use, and to ensure that the old man gets the credit he deserves for this work, I am retaining whatever copyright I am entitled to by the publication of this transcription and releasing it under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

This means you are free to share, copy, and redistribute this work in any medium or format, and to adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material, for any purpose (even commercially).

However, this use is contingent on assigning proper attribution, including crediting A. F. Johnson as the original translator, indicating if changes were made to his work, and providing a link to the license. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the I am specifically endorsing you or your use. Furthermore, you may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything this license permits.

As a courtesy, I'd prefer that my name be mentioned as transcriber in conjunction with anything you do with the text, though I won't enforce that. I'd also love to know what use you're putting it to, so feel free to drop me a message.

~ Michael Chidester (Contact) 04:32, 5 May 2022 (UTC)


GI. kgl. Saml. 1868 4040


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  1. The exact year it was completed is unclear; it's listed as "19--" or "19xx" by the Wallace Collection.