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The study of books and manuscripts is at the core of historical European martial arts, and digitization is the first step in that process.

Introduction to indexing treatises

Wiktenauer is a historical European martial arts library that consists of scans, transcriptions, and translations of primary source materials (rolled up in different ways for different audiences). A lot of our content is created by independent researchers and donated to us in a completed form, but some transcription and translation efforts also occur right here on the wiki. In either case, the work must be entered and stored properly before we can use it in our content pages.

The following pages will walk you through the process of uploading and indexing a treatise on the wiki, transcribing and translating it, and displaying the finished work on the master and treatise pages. This involves two "namespaces" (sections of Wiktenauer, affixed to the start of the page title—this tutorial is in the Wiktenauer namespace) and a special piece of software called Proofread Page.

This is a basic tutorial, not an extensive manual; we don't have detailed help pages at this time, so if you need more details, post a question in the "Discussion" tab above or get in touch with an administrator.

Overview of the steps involved in adding texts

  1. Upload scans to Wiktenauer or Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Create an index page for the scan.
  3. Transcribe or OCR each page.
    • If a transcription already exists, match and split it into individual pages.
  4. Proofread each page.
    • A second user must validate each page.
  5. Translate each page.
    • If a translation already exists, match and split it into individual pages.
  6. Transclude the transcription and translation into the mainspace.
  7. Apply the normal finishing touches to the work in the mainspace.

So, let's learn about sources!

Note: The tutorial assumes you are using the default page layout. If you're logged in and have changed your preferences, the location of links may differ.