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19. Fourth Contrary Master to the First Master Remedy

I make the counter to the First Master
With this cover I will hurt him and worse.

I am also the counter of the First Dagger Remedy Master, and when his student grips me like this [10], I will strike him, and make him let go. And if he tries to do other plays against me, I will counter him without hesitation.

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A good dagger disarm for when someone wants to stab you from above: so lay your left arm at your right crossing together, and reach the point between the hands in your arm and during this seize him by the hand and together with the dagger-haft (with your left hand high and the right hand seizing low on his arm), and during this grip twist his hand and then go in at with the arm and during the twist (winden) thus over goes with your upper arm at his arm. Thus you may want to dislocate his arm by his elbow with the elbow.