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20. Fourth Contrary Master to the First Master Remedy (Cont.)

In the previous counter I told you that you could hurt him and worse;
Here I show you how this can be done.

This flows from the counter referred to in the previous play. It also flows from the counter referred to two plays back [10], where the Counter Remedy Master has trapped the hand of his opponent with his dagger, and where he told you that he can drive the dagger into his opponent’s back. My play comes from that play, but where he says you drive the dagger into your opponent’s back, I drive it into his chest. But this still flows from the previous play, even though I choose to finish it differently.

[In the Getty, the Master's right foot is outside (in front) of his opponent's left foot.]</p>

[8a-c] Per lo contrario che dise de far mal e peço
Aquello che pò far aquello aqui reço.


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Yet another similar technique with the dagger; seize him by his left arm close to his hand and pull him by the arm in front of you, and stab him under his armpit with your dagger by stabbing up from below.